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Rose + Ylang Ylang Shower Steamer

Rose + Ylang Ylang Shower Steamer

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 Fragrance Strength

One of our current shower time essentials - calm, relaxing and most importantly, it makes you look forward to every shower. Sprinkle them into a corner of the shower (not in the direct path of water) and let the essential oils work their magic while you experience the most relaxing shower ever!

Our rose + ylang ylang is the perfect medley of rose that sets a sophisticated and romantic mood and hints of ylang ylang is great for fostering calmness and alleviating stress 🧡 


No parabens

No phthalates



Directions: Sprinkle the powder in a corner of your shower (away from the direct flow of water) where it will occasionally get splashed by water. As the warm water splashes onto it, it will start to release a scent that wafts your entire shower! Wash the remaining away after you're done with your shower.


*Note: 200G refill pack does not come with organza bag and wooden spoon

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual jar may differ. Rest assured that quality and quantity of product is guaranteed. 

Keep dry, keep airtight.

For external use only. 


50g | 1.76 oz. 

200g | 7.05 oz.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Anthony Roman
enjoyed it

every one shld get it....
helps to relax after a long day...yr shower is more refreshing

Eling Ng
smells really good

good product!

I love this Rose + Ylang Ylang Shower Steamer.

The experience was great! I sprinkled at a corner and the smell was almost immediate and it lingers even after an hour after my bath, making the toilet smells so pleasant. I will order more products from Lynk to try the next time round :)

Have been a repeated customer and trying out their different products.

Great products and love their scent, especially the shower steamer. So soothing and relaxing 😍✨


I was skeptical at first because I've never used a shower steamer before. But this has become the highlight of my evening showers. the blend smells amazing and it instantly relaxes me. I'm definitely going to order again once it runs out!