*Cosmetic Defect* Rechargeable USB Lighter
*Cosmetic Defect* Rechargeable USB Lighter
*Cosmetic Defect* Rechargeable USB Lighter

*Cosmetic Defect* Rechargeable USB Lighter

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Note:  These Rechargeable USB Lighters are fully functional, however they do have cosmetic defects (slight scratches and paint chips) hence we are selling them off at a heavily discounted pricing!


Product Description

A flameless, electronic rechargeable windproof candle lighter that is designed to be lightweight, sleek and portable so you may bring it along in your bags, even pockets for your staycation getaways!


Features & Specifications:

Anything that can be lit with a natural flame, can be lit with our electronic lighter. 

Gives up to 300 uses on a single battery charge, and requires only 1-1.5 hours of re-charge time!

Features a safety lock over its ignition switch and an automatic spark shutoff after seven seconds

Less waste as you aren’t using disposable lighters

Wind proof arc, allowing you to easily light candles outside

Long neck, hence allows you to reach the bottom of your candle easily

No fumes from liquid fuel


Each package contains:

1 x Rechargeable USB Lighter

1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable

1 x Gift Box 


Lighter Care *Important*:

Keep out of reach from children

Keep out of contact with skin, water

Avoid direct contact of heat

Do not overcharge the battery (do charge only 1-2 hours at a time) *the LED light will stop blinking once fully charged*

Do use the Micro-USB cable provided to charge your lighter (make sure that your charger has a maximum output of 5V 3A)

The tip of the lighter may blacken after prolong usage due to the soot from the wick, gently take a dry tissue to wipe the remains off 


Due to the nature of the design, every individual lighter is unique and no 2 lighters have the same grain. Item received may differ slightly from the photos shown.




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